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   test Long Span and Complex Structure
Site formation and slopeworks
Construction of Transfer Plate – from various case studies
Site Formation
Common formwork systems in Hong Kong
Common foundation systems in Hong Kong
Construction methods for contemporary residental building projects
Site Formation – Student Hostel of City U
Introduction to the photo series regarding hand-dug caissons
Diaphragm wall construction
Prefabrication Construction Practices in Hong Kong
Tower Crane
Slope protection and treatment in Hong Kong
Application of Advanced Formwork System in HK (PDF)
Curtain Wall Cleansing Equipment for The Center
Construction & Performance of Curtain Wall Systems for Super Highrise Buildings (PDF)
Prefabricated Construction Systems for Building and Civil Works (PDF)
Construction of Super Highrise Composite Structure (PDF)
Foundation Technology (PDF)
Demolition within Urban Environment

The New International Airport of Hong Kong
Construction of recent tunnels in Hong Kong
General Tunnel Technology
Bridge Construction (PDF)
Three Gorges Dam Project in Yangtze River
Review on Recent Large Scale Infrastructure Projects in HK (PDF)
Castle Peak Road Improvement Projects
Airport Core Project in 1990s

Transportation Infrastructure
Cross-boundary Infrastructure Projects
New Urban Development Areas
10 Major Infrastructure Projects, Overall (2010)

MTR Tseung Kwan O Extension
Tseung Kwan O Extension – Full Report
Lantau link
West Rail – from Nam Chong To Tuen Mun
West Rail Tsing Kwai Tunnel
West Rail Tai Lam Tunnel (Contract DB-350)
Reshaping the urban quality of Hong Kong Using the Mass Transit Railway Networks(PDF)
Reshaping the urban quality of Hong Kong Using the Mass Transit Railway Networks(Paper)
Case study 1 – The Lee Theatre redevelopment
Case study 2 – The Olympus Plaza
Case study 3 – The Festival Walk
Case study 4 – Lee Garden Hotel Redevelopment Project
Case study 5 – Cheung Kong Center
Case study 6 – Basement Construction

Construction Highlight for the International Commerce Center
Langham Place
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Cheung Kong Center
International Finance Centre, Phase II
International Finance Centre, Phase II (updated version on December 2002, PDF)
ASD’s Departmental Quarters at West Kowloon Reclamation
Guangzhou Stadium
Festival Walk (PDF)
Gateway II
Cybper Port
Construction of the ManulifeTower

Temples in Shao Quan
The City of Shanghai
The City of Guangzhou

Hong Kong Roofscape
Existing Land Use Condition of Kai Tak
2007-2008 Policy Address, 10 Major Infrastructure Projects
Magnificence of the city of Hong Kong
Preservation of Traditional Buildings with Heritage Value in Asian Cities with Colonial Background
The Harbour and Waterfront of Hong Kong
Understanding HK from selected Photos (PDF)
Examples of Graded Historic Buildings listed under the Antiquities and Monuments Office, HKSAR Government
Hong Kong Harbor-promenade
Hong Kong Harbor-coastal highway
Hong Kong Harbor – Other Oversea Harbor Cities

A photograhpic introduction of Raymond Wong