Creative Works

Creative works done by Raymond Wong during the past years

Since Raymond Wong was a school boy studying in his secondary in the 1970s, he started to prepare some artworks as a kind of his hobby. He did quite a number of creative works including graphic design, interior design, carpentry works, making ceramic, painting and sketches, writing, building display models, abstract sculpture, glassworks or anything that are pleasant and attracting to vision. Nothing he did is remarkable. He is only an amateur. The most persisting work he did for more than 20 years is photography, in particular in the capturing of some special themes from a perspective uncommon to ordinary people.

The folders inside this homepage show some of his works as a form of sharing of his interest and passions.

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Detail Display Model

Detail Display Model #1

Ceramic Works

Ceramic Works #1

Glass Works

Glasswork recently as a form of my leisure work

Glass Works #1

Glass Works #2

Glass Works #3

Simple artwork in glass – January 2014

Metal Works

Simple artwork in metal – January 2014

Photographical Works

從衛星圖像看地球之美態PART 1

從衛星圖像看地球之美態PART 2

Award Photos for the HKIE 2015 Photo Competition

Family shrine in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 泰國清邁每家每戶門前的小神壇

Beautiful Clothing for Indonesia Girls

Great Wall (金山嶺萬里長城)

Hong Kong Temple

Life of construction workers in mainland China



Trees inside the city of Guangzhou

Trees, flowers, leafs and green; Light and Shadow 花、葉與樹木; 光與影的味兒

Decoration for the Lunar New Year in Hong Kong, Feb 2013

Hong Kong Roofscape

Modern Residential Buildings in Singapore



Article Writing (散文及其他寫作)

吉林之旅隨筆, 2015年8月

In memory of my Grandmother

王煒文的小傳 – 1997

王煒文的小傳 – 2012

2012 年第19 屆華夏園丁瀋陽冰雪之旅






二次創作 – 時裝另類演繹



Body as a canvas, 讓身體成為悅目的畫布

Flower as fashion, 花與時裝

Hair-hat as fashion, 帽子與頭髮溶於時裝中

Underwater Fashion, 水下的時裝展

very colorful fashion, 色彩燦爛的時裝